mugshot2Where to begin? I bought my first ’proper’ camera, a Nikon F80, in 2002 in Tokyo. That was the beginning of my career as a freelance photographer and reporter. Over ten years and several hundred articles later I now shoot with a D700, D800, and far-too-heavy bag full of lenses.

I’ve had photos published in print and online media such as the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Wired Magazine and National Geographic News. I’ve been commissioned by corporate clients including Nissan Motors, Rakuten, the Tokyo Sinfonia and the Tokyo Mandarin Hotel.

In the course of my work I’ve eaten spiders, navigated arctic ice-flows, and hob-nobbed with yakuza. I’ve also taken my fair share of CEO portraits and press conferences pics. I’ve travelled extensively in Japan writing and shooting for inflight magazines and other clients. I specialize in travel and portraiture.

These days, I live in the town of Frome in the South West of England and run the Bath Photo Tour: www.thebathphotographer.uk/bathphototour/